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Every student is expected to become familiar with and follow the PDAZ Dress Code and Studio Regulations.  Part of learning the discipline of dance is learning classroom etiquette, which cultivates self-respect and respect for others.

Dress Code

  Intro to Dance Program

Kinder Combo Classes (5-6 yrs):   Leotard (any color).  Pink tights; pink ballet shoes.  Tap combo: black tap shoes with “buttons” (no ties).  Jazz combo: black jazz shoes .  Hair off the neck in ponytail, bun, or braid.  Dancers with short hair should have it clipped back. The last class of the month will be our “fancy day”—wear your pretty skirt or tutu! Boys wear a t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants, and socks.  Black ballet shoes; black tap or jazz shoes. Dance shoes MUST be purchased from a local dance store or from the front desk.

Primary and Pre-Primary Combo Classes (3-5 yrs):   Any color leotard or leotard/skirt combination.  Any color tights.  Sparkles, tutus, and ribbons are all welcome!  Pink leather ballet shoes.  Black tap shoes with “buttons”.  Hair off the neck in ponytail, bun, or braid.  Dancers with short hair should have it clipped back. Dance shoes MUST be purchased from a local dance store or from the front desk.

Creative Movement:  Clothes that allow for full range of movement. Tutus and tights are welcome! Pink or white leather ballet shoes (black or white for boys).  No ‘slippers’ please.  


Technique Program

The PDAZ Dress Code will be strictly enforced.  After the third week of class, any student not in appropriate attire will not be permitted to participate in class.  As a convenience, some dancewear and shoes may be purchased at the studio.  Required clothing may also be found at local dance shops and online. Please do NOT purchase dance shoes from a big box store or shoe franchise as the quality of these shoes do not allow for the technique we require. No gum, watches, or jewelry (other than small earrings) are allowed.  Hair must be neat and pulled back from the face.

Ballet:  Black leotard; pink tights; pink ballet shoes.  Hair must be pulled back from face, off of neck and SECURED in a bun. 

Jazz:  Any color leotard or tight-fitting dance tank top; jazz pants or dance shorts.  Tan, black, or pink tights MUST be worn with dance shorts. Black jazz shoes. Hair out of face and off of neck.

Tap:  Leotard (any color); tights and shorts and/or dance pants; tap shoes.  Students may wear a close-fitting tank top at the discretion of the teacher. Hair out of face and off of neck.

Hip Hop:  Clothes that allow for full range of movement, non-mar sneakers. STUDENTS MUST HAVE A DESIGNATED PAIR OF SHOES FOR CLASS.  Shoes worn for class MAY NOT be worn in the street.  Hair pulled back out of the face.

Musical Theater:  Any color leotard, dance top, or close-fitting t-shirt; jazz pants or shorts with tights, black jazz shoes. Hair out of face. 

Pre-Pointe / Pointe:  Class attire is the same as for ballet class.  Students who are ready for pointe shoes will be advised.  

Lyrical / Contemporary: Black leotard; tan, black, or pink footless or convertible tights. Hair secured off of neck and out of face.

Acro:  Any color leotard.  Footless or convertible tights.  Hair pulled out of face and off of the neck.

Improv / Choreography:  Class attire is the same as for jazz class.

Adult Classes:  Clothes or workout gear that allows for a full range of movement (tighter-fitting garments are helpful for assessing corrections).  Leotard and tights are recommended for ballet class but not required.  Ballet or jazz shoes.  

Prima Performance:  Class attire is the same as for jazz class. Members will be advised of additional dress and shoe requirements.  

Studio Regulations

Rules of Dance Etiquette

  • RESPECT YOURSELF: Come to class neatly dressed and prepared to focus on the work you’ve come to do.  Enter class with a positive attitude; leave your worries at the door and embrace the liberating energy of dance!!!
  • RESPECT YOUR PEERS: Allow the other students to focus on dancing. No running around, hanging on barres, touching mirrors, etc.  No social conversations during class, especially during a critique or when a combination is being taught or practiced.
  • RESPECT AUTHORITY FIGURES: Our instructors are here to share their experience, wisdom, and passion for dance with YOU!  Please give them your full attention, especially when they are giving critiques.  Assume every comment is directed to you personally and your dance technique will quickly improve by leaps and bounds!!!
  • RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Prima Dance Arizona invites you to take ownership of YOUR studio! Please clean up after yourself and set an example for the younger dancers. To help avoid the spread of germs, take advantage of our lenient make-up policy and keep contagious children at home.


General Studio Rules

  • Class will begin on time. Our schedule allows for a 5-minute transition between classes.  Students are asked to be dressed appropriately with their hair done before entering the classroom.  For his/her safety, any student arriving more than 10 minutes late may be asked by the instructor to observe the rest of class.  
  • During class, all bags, shoes, and dancewear should be kept in the cubbies in the lobby.  Lockers are available for rent on a yearly basis; please do not leave your shoes or bag in the studio lobby overnight.
  • Please--NO street shoes of any kind on the classroom floors.  Dance shoes are NOT to be worn outside the studio.
  • NO gum. No food or drink inside the classrooms. The refrigerator and microwave are available to use during breaks; please clean up your own mess and do not leave food in the refrigerator overnight.
  • PLEASE NO NUT PRODUCTS, THANK YOU! We have some students that are anaphylactic to nuts; we try to maintain an environment that is safe for everyone.
              ***Focus on the Positive Energy of Dance and HAVE FUN!!!!***